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It’s a nice little stand – it seems pretty sturdy

Angie – Amazon.com

I bought this stand for my husband. He wrote:
It’s a nice little stand – it seems pretty sturdy, and doesn’t take up much space. So far, I’ve tried it out with my Squire Strat, a large acoustic nylon string guitar, a mandolin, a banjo, and a ukulele and it works fine with them all. It’s small. adjustable, and easy to set up. I don’t think it would fit in any of my guitar cases, but it fits in the pocket of my Fender gig bag fine (I’m not sure of the difference in space, but I’ve got the kind with the rectangular pocket rather than the style shown in the picture). With the stand in the pocket, I’ve still got room for my guitar trainer, a cable and enough space for a couple of magazines or some sheet music – a thin music book might be okay, but a thicker jazz fake book wouldn’t fit with this in the pocket. It’s still small enough to be easily carried on it’s own, and comes with a draw-string bag, so it’d be easy to attach to something if needed.

While the tubing is aluminum, the feet, extensible legs, and hinges (i.e. the black parts in the pictures, aside from the silicon pads that touch the instrument and the non-slip rubber tips on the feet) are plastic. It’s not an issue since they seem solid and well-made – just thought I’d point it out since I didn’t see it mentioned in the description or other reviews.


Guitar Stand that is more like a Cradle for you Guitar. A Cradle for your Baby!

Douglas F. – Amazon.com

Outstanding stand. Cradles the instrument, very stable with four feet, not three like a tripod. I chose this design over the many similar ones because the feet elevate the instrument off the floor a bit. Folded, it’s tiny. Believe it or not, it does fit my tiny soprano Uke, but also my monster Yamaha dreadnaught. I have two of these now, and my other stand is similar, a plastic cradle by Hola. These Certain Way stands support my Cordoba La Playa steel string and my Yamaha F335. The Hola my Recording King Parlor. All three guitars are displayed beautifully in these stands, the guitars standing up apparently on their own without any metal around it. I can nudge or bump these stands and all that happens is the instrument rocks around a little bit, but nothing gets knocked over. Unbeatable at this price. This is about the same weight as my Hola, but more solid, less fexible. I give four stars on the stand alone but added the fifth star because of Certain Way customer service, which is tops. I might order a third one; even though I do not need a stand for my uke, it would be cool to see all four instruments line up here in my den, a panorama in 22 strings.


It is amazingly light-weighted yet sturdy to rest my fender

S. Lee – Amazon.com

This little folding stand rocks. It is amazingly light-weighted yet sturdy to rest my fender. As advertised, the material appears extremely durable, easy to fold up and down. Guitar baby is well protected with the silicone rubber pads around where it sits and leans against. Better yet, I can easily extend the back rest and back legs to gain extra support for instruments with different height and weight.
On a side note, my initial order somehow got lost in the mail. The seller responded in no time by offering a replacement and arrived the next day. I’m impressed with the service being proactive, courteous and beyond expectation. Overall, I am glad to own this wonderful guitar stand. Highly recommend to all.


Very stable when adjusted correctly…

Opie – Amazon.com

I did a lot of research before I bought this Guitar Stand. I was concerned it might not be as good for electric guitars as it is for acoustic guitars. However, I set it up and put my Fender Strat on it. I works great! Watch the video you will get emailed to you when you order the stand. It will show you how to extend the legs and back support. I did this and it made the stand much more stable! Courteous follow up by the company.


this is somewhat more expensive that other guitar stands but the Certain Way stand is definitely worth the investment – I highly

Terry T. – Amazon.com

Yes, this is somewhat more expensive that other guitar stands but the Certain Way stand is definitely worth the investment – I highly recommend this outstanding stand. Equally impressive is the ‘customer attention’ of the the company that makes this product – Certain Way. They provided a simple video on how it works and remained in close contact with me to ensure their product was meeting my expectations. This attention to detail is unique with companies today and just one more reason to support this product and company. Great product and company!!!


Excellent high quality product

Sanyasan – Amazon.com

Excellent high quality product, excellent service, helpful link to short video on use (easy to learn in a minute snap, but not immediately obvious how to use out of the box, so a helpful link). Particularly good for acoustic IMO.


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