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Guitar Capo (High Gloss Black)

By on January 18, 2017

Professional Guitar Capo – Handy Built-in Bridge Pin Puller
– Ultra Lightweight Strong Alloy for Acoustic and Electric –
Easy One Hand Quick Change – Certain Way – 2oz – High
Gloss Black

  • ELEGANT CONCISE DESIGN – Mechanics theory design for that perfect fit. High quality Silcone Padding
  • NO FRET BUZZ – For that nice clean professional sound everytime. Fits 6 & 12 String
  • GUITAR BRIDGE PIN PULLER – Handy bridge pin puller designed on the end of capo saves you money
  • DURABLE STRONG ALLOY – Lightweight but built to last with LIFETIME WARRANTY. Heavy duty steel spring
  • FAST ONE HAND QUICK CHANGE – Built for simple fast movement from fret to fret for best performance

Black Guitar Capo

ONLY $12.97

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