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Mandolin stand musicians

Original Design Certain Way Guitar Stand
This is a very clever little design for a guitar stand. Made to securely hold your guitar and yet so portable and light weight you can carry a few of them in a gig back and not know they are there. Probably the smallest and most portable available. –  $24.95

Black Guitar Capo

New Certain Way Guitar Capo Design
This capo is so well designed and built with a deluxe finish and solid feel to it. What I love about it is it sits so firmly across all 6 strings every time without having to continually adjust it.  The firm quality silicone padding conforms perfectly to the back of your guitar neck and across all strings giving you that perfect intonation every time. The firm silicone also prevents any scratching to
your instrument for peace of mind. –  $12.97

Guitar stand and capo Certain Way

New Certain Way Guitar Stand Design
Strong tubular A-Frame ultra stable design to support your Fender, Taylor, Yamaha, Ibanez, Dreadnought, Stratocaster guitars and more.
Adjustable base and height to also suit your Banjo, Ukulele, Violin style instruments as well. Musicians love this compact lightweight
designed stand for on stage in a rock band or just hanging out at home, it also makes the perfect guitar display stand. This universal rack
is the perfect replacement for that old heavy stand you are using now. INCLUDES Bonus Capo – $29.97


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Guitar Stand (Silver/Chrome)

By on January 18, 2017

Certain Way Guitar Stand for Acoustic, Electric, Classic
and Bass – Capo Included – Ultimate Folding Portable
Musical Instruments Holder – 14.6oz – Silver


  • NEW RELEASE UPGRADED VERSION: Light-Weight stronger designed guitar
    stand. Fast setup easy to use
  • GOOD STABILITY A-FRAME DESIGN: Secure extendable base to hold and
    cradle your valuable instrument
  • PROFESSIONAL CAPO INCLUDED: Quality designed lightweight Guitar capo
    BONUS with drawstring pouch bag
  • EASY STORAGE SIMPLISTIC OPERATION: Folds down in a flash into a
    small easy to carry accessory
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Made from Ultra-light-weight Aircraft-Grade
    Aluminum tube weighing only 14.6oz

Guitar stand and capo Certain Way

ONLY $29.97


Guitar Capo (High Gloss Black)

By on January 18, 2017

Professional Guitar Capo – Handy Built-in Bridge Pin Puller – Ultra Lightweight Strong Alloy for Acoustic and Electric – Easy One Hand Quick Change – Certain Way – 2oz – High Gloss Black ELEGANT CONCISE DESIGN – Mechanics theory design